A Windmill Palm Tree is something you should consider when you’re going to landscape your garden. They are beautiful trees and they are easy to take care of. If you want to buy a windmill palm you can go here.

This Palm Tree Can Go Indoors Or Outdoors.

This tree is very ideal for a home. It doesn’t grow too tall unlike other palm trees and the leaves aren’t too long. You don’t have to worry about it tumbling over. Most palms grow very tall and have very narrow trunks. Although they are made to withstand very strong winds, you don’t have to worry about a tall tree like this one collapsing on your house every time a storm rolls around your neighborhood. And because it doesn’t grow too tall, you can actually have it potted and placed inside the house. Just remember to put it by a window so that even though it’s inside the house, it still gets its required amount of sunlight.

They Make A Great Accessory To Every Home.

Again, they also look very beautiful and they make a good accent to any garden and even inside the home. Many landscape artists recommend this tree. Unlike other palm trees, the leaves of this particular tree are formed like a small circular fan. That’s where it gets its name. The palms of the tree look like a windmill. They also go well with other plants. If done well, the palm tree will compliment and not clash with other garden shrubs or bushes. Of course, planting two or more of them in one area might be a bit of an overkill. It’s best to keep it one at a time in one spot. That way, your garden doesn’t look like a palm tree greenhouse.

Low Key and Easy to Maintain.

It’s also very easy to maintain. These trees are perfect for any kind of weather. So if you live in an area that has four of the seasons, you don’t have to worry about your these trees losing its leaves during the autumn season. Although it is a tropical tree, it can tolerate cold temperatures. Since it doesn’t shed its leaves, you don’t have to worry about a pile of leaves accumulating in your garden. This tree also doesn’t need a lot of sunlight. That’s why it’s a perfect indoor plant. However, if you want to plant your tree outside in the garden, you have to plant it in an area that gets less sunshine. That way, the tree won’t dry out because of too much sun.

They’re Not Just For Green Thumbs.

Windmill8Just don’t forget to water the tree. You don’t have to water the tree every day. I only water mine once a week because it rains a lot where I live. I sometimes don’t even water it at all especially when there’s rain every other day. Watering it would be too much. That’s why it’s perfect for people who don’t necessarily have green thumbs. I don’t have one. I suck at taking care of plants but my palm tree seems to survive even during those weeks I don’t call in a gardener. So if you’re like me and would want a garden, plant a Windmill Palm Tree.